Veggie diaries

Two weeks ago I thought of going on a no-meat week. no reason whatsoever, I just wanted to see if I could survive w/o meat.! Have to note though, this isn’t a vegetarian diet, because I’d eat stuff that has been cooked with meat, i just don’t touch the meat! It’s really more for me to see if I’m able to live (HAPPILY) w/o meat. Here’s my diary, and my thoughts (present tense cos I recorded it on a per-activity basis)

Monday, 18 April

Breakfast at 8.20am: a slice of cheesecake from giant. light and fluffy, not like the gag-inducing rich ones you get in a cafe.

Lunch at 1.20pm: salad with asian spicy dressing (still can’t tell what ingredients are in the sauce). lettuce leaves, tofu, pasta, broccoli, cauliflower, cucumber, chick peas. i usually have this at least once a week anyway, except that I add some chicken in it. No loss, no craving. I’ve had lots of chicken the past week.IMG_2249

Snack at 4.15pm: an oatmeal muffin

Jogging at 6.40-7.20pm to vivo

Dinner at 8pm: tom yum soup with tofu, long beans and cabbage.

2nd dinner at 8.45pm: one cheese prata
Easy peasy. I dont’ feel like i’m missing out on anything…

Tuesday, 19 April

Breakfast at 8.30am: some cereal with soya milk

Tea at 11.45am: one salted egg yolk crossiant (more like liu sha)

Lunch at 12.40pm: meatless ministrone soup at the soup spoon

Snack at 5.30pm: one salted egg yolk crossiant

Snack at 6pm: one yam cake (the fried one)

Dinner at 8.30pm: Hokkien mee
Dessert: green tea ice cream at Tsujiri

Wednesday, 20 April

Breakfast at 8.20am: bowl of oats

Snack at 11am: one sun biscuit

Lunch at 2pm: salad with watered-down chipotle dressing. pasta, chick peas, button mushrooms, cheese, broccoli. Dessert one peanut pancake

Snack at 5.45pm: one peanut pancake

Barre class for 30mins (or 45? idk)

Snack at 9pm: one small serving of acai bowl

Thursday, 21 April

Breakfast at 8.30am: one small serving of acai bowl

Lunch at 2.30pm: 3/4 japanese noodles from taka. WHICH SUCKS BY THE WAY. OMG. WASTE OF MONEY AND CALORIES. it’s from the food hall. i don’t get how come they can survive with shit food.

Snack at 5.30pm: mini cheesecake and custard cream puff from this mini jap store, also from the food hall in taka. (which gave me the runs and I was on mc the next day wtf)

Rock climbing after work.

Dinner at 12mn: cup noodles


Friday 22 April
Breakfast at 9.15am: ang chow mee sua w/o chicken (rushed to the doc after that lol)
Lunch at 4.30pm: porridge
Dinner at 10pm: Porridge and fries, then lotus roots soup. And 1/2 a yam bun from bread talk (gross, do not try)


IMG_2422 IMG_2423
Saturday 23 April
Breakfast: roasted smores frappe at starbucks
Lunch at 2pm: Udon with tempura (food overload..)
Dinner at 9pm: mac and cheese at Swensens. that is tough. everything has meat! the mac and cheese isn’t nice… urgg. wasted calories. damn jelat.

Sunday 24 April
Breakfast at 10am: carrot cake black
Lunch: veggie hot pot atshabu sai at 313. the people there are retards. you’re only allowed to eat for 60mins i think?
girl: your time is up
me: what does that mean?
girl: 60 mins are up
me: i know. does that mean i’m not allowed to finish my food on the plate?
girl: it means u exceeded 60 minutes
me: …so i just waste the food on the table then?

IMG_2508 IMG_2510

Snack: cream cheese churros
I don’t have any dinner cos i’m stuffed from lunch hurrr.
And that’s it for my veggie week! I SURVIVED.
People say that w/o meat you’re generally less hot headed… so…
Did it make me a happy person? No leh. no difference.
I didn’t crave much for meat because I stopped eating beef (and stopped craving it too)… and i had an overload of chicken the week before.. so this no-meat thing worked just fine.
Can I do it again? I guess so.. but better load up on meat the week before haha.
Can I do it long term? no. i don’t want to. haha.

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