Phuket’s answer to heaven: Sri Panwa

Sooo this was a while back -cough march cough- but i thought i’d get some photos in. I had a lovely trip to Phuket and stayed in a fancy pancy resort, and it’ll be a pity to not have any photos to remember!

It’s called Sri Panwa, and it’s located at Cape Panwa, way south of phuket. It felt surreal to be back, honestly. I had mixed feelings. Because on one hand, it’s.. home… but on the other hand, lots of things have changed. The roads that were once under construction were done, I couldn’t recognise some areas… my brain went into overdrive and i sat in the car trying to make sense of everything. How do you go back to a place you knew you were ‘done’ with? closing a chapter, then returning to that exact same spot. The sentences you read are the same, but you feel differently this time round.

Here are some pics!


Sashimi platter at Baba Iki.IMG_1106

Errr the restaurant has a looker. LOL. Actually, the guards at Sri Panwa all damn fit. they fill their shirts beautifully~ I guess there’s a requirement? Gotta be hot then can join idk.


Anyway, enough rambling… here are pics of Shamu 02, my one bedroom villa. felt immensely sad upon stepping in, the place is big enough for my entire family, but i was the only one there… severe family withdrawal symptoms lol.IMG_1114

outdoor shower which i used 24/7. who cares that people can see me? am nt gna see them on the streets, ever.IMG_6119

the abused hot tub. lol.
IMG_6122 IMG_6126

abused because one night i had trouble pressing the ‘stop’ button on the bubblemaker… and hell ensured. i was panicking haha. i mean, it was about 2am? do i call the concierge for help? i’m naked, and i don’t really want people coming into my room when i only have a bathrobe (wtf perfect porn scene. “hi plumber, my hot tub spoilt. also. i’m naked”).

And meanwhile the bubbles were spilling over and i was using a towel to catch them… hey thannkfully after 2mins (seemed like 20) i managed to get it to stop…IMG_1146

btw, the bedroom opens to the bathroom, ykno in case you want to do a sexy strip tease for your other half.. :p or have a sensual bath as your partner watches…IMG_6444

the pool in the villa. you can jump straight from the living room. whoopadeewhoop~


Also, I went for a spa and this was the view!! romantic much? two (one hidden) massage beds, and when you’re all loose (LOL) and oiled up you can soak in the tub… shiok.IMG_6146

Took a day trip to one of the neighbouring islands… not bad. low tide, couldn’t scuba dive. i wanted to pretend to be a dsd. ERRR. HAHAHA there’s always next time.IMG_6356 IMG_6377

And to end off.. here’s the magnificent view of my back. LOL. 
IMG_6501 IMG_6493

Damn, feels good not having to wear any clothes… but alas, back to reality…

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