Similan islands

A dive trip to the Similans (4D4N, 15 dives) isn’t complete without a camera, and underwater photos. Oh, plus 3 dives at phi phi.

Now what happens when not one, but BOTH of your cameras spoil… BEFORE THE LOB TRIP TO THE SIMILANS. -areyoufuckinme-

Anyway, my trip was from 27 March to 2 April. I went diving with Shawn. Moment to remember because.. it’s the first time I’m diving with a friend. For the past two years I’ve been diving alone. LOL. #foreveralone

For my day trip in Phuket (how’s that for returning home?) I went with all4diving, and for my LOB I did it with Khao Lak Scuba Adventures.

I stayed at Cello Hotel again and this time it felt awful!! I don’t know why I didn’t pay more for a more decent hotel. The lighting was bad. I remembered loving this hotel so much, and it brings me to my point: when you’re at the 18th level of hell, even the 16th level of hell feels like heaven.

Photos from Phiphi (before the cameras died. actually 1 died underwater. and not due to flooding):

IMG_6641 (1)

IMG_6663 (1)

IMG_6690 (1)

IMG_6711 (1)

Caught up with two friends woohoo (ahem I apparently looked prettier HAHAH THANKS CHART).



Brought Shawn to Banzaan night market to tapao dinner. Not sure if it was too much? LOL.


So on the menu:
Drinks: 2 thai milk teas (which sucked. sigh)
Appetisers: chicken feet salad for shawn, seafood salad for me (in the two bowls)
Snacks: omelette, fried chicken
Main: pad thai (for shawn)
Dessert: mango sticky rice, fried sweet potato balls, raw mango with spicy dip (not sure if this is a dessert, actually)

Is that too much? Or…..

For this trip, I bought a flexiarm and tried to fix my torch. Hmm, cumbersome. Not gna use it again. see what Shawn titled as ‘portrait of frustration’.


Hopped on the boat on the 19th.. and.. damn..KSA hires some really hot instructors lol. hey, always a plus, especially when you’re stuck on a boat for four days. (; kinda like being in heaven LOL. but hey i’m young, free, and soooo single. no harm looking… right?

I felt that the similans was a lil underwhelming…  No clue why, but yea certain parts of the trip were great. meeting people, chilling above and under water, not having anything to do, star gazing, the swim throughs, seeing the napoleon, a giant barracuda which i chased and then got slapped by the green monster, having a circle of barracudas around me during my safety stop, seeing the luminescent plankton (i couldn’t stop being in awe)… okay it was a pretty cool trip. (=

Oh, we also went to koh tachai and richilieu rock. Not sure where I was but I think I got stung by sea mites / lice or something. it was like getting pricked by needles repeatedly? T_T i got that on two dives. oh, and the waters were quite cold uhhh. :/ + thermocline = fml. but hey i survived!

Here’s the boat, we were on manta queen 2. super spacious, and yea i’d def hop on this boat again!


Deck where I spent my afternoons drying, and nights sleeping. 



Eating/slacking/briefing quarters. I didnt spend much time here, apart from briefings. I always hung out upstairs, eating alone and just.. being a loner HAHAAH.IMG_1662

And here’s the view from the back of the boat. a speedboat (to take us to islands which we did one day!)IMG_1671

Said island: sail rock
The island was gorgeous and we took a short 5min ‘hike’ up. The view was gorgeous. (pics from Shawn)





Shawn didn’t take many photos during the trip, but here are some pics which I liked!





My dive buddy and I. Woohoo!

After our dives, we went back to Phuket.. long bus ride and shawn had one too many beers.. which resulted in a ruckus in the van. hehe.


Went to listen to live bands and bar hop after that. One of the guys on the boat came down for the night hoho and crashed. teehee.


Left Phuket bright and early… sad faces. T_T

On a brighter note: look what I found on the conveyer belt. Umbrella so important until must check in haha.IMG_1701

3 responses to “Similan islands

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  2. Hey there, chanced upon ur blog while searching for “going solo to phuket”. Read quite a number of ur entries and boy you have so much humour! I had difficulty containing my laughter at times 😂. Like the way you write! Like the photographs you took from ur dives too! Great for people like me- wants to dive but too afraid. 😂😂😂

  3. Oh hello there! Eh heheheh thanks, my writing here is literally me just saying what’s on my mind. Are you intending to go to Phuket alone? It’s really safe (hey i’m still alive)! You can also try Gili Trawangan… but it’s a bit of a hassle to get to.

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