Came across this unpublished entry, and I JUST had to read it and have a laugh.

Here’s me being myself when guys just loveeee pretending that girls are special. (note: girls, you really aren’t…)

So this happened in August 2013, when I went to Boracay with my cousin and her friend.

I’ve taken the liberty to edit unnecessary info out. But other than that, hey 2013 char, way to go!


so I met lee in boracay and dafuq he was hot. fast forward, him being my dive instructor and then subsequently going out with him..

i was realllllly into him. not sure if it was mutual but we went to a bar on friday w my cousin and her friend, but left shortly cos it was damn hot.

we had a really nice long walk by the beach, and we hugged and…. kissed. that felt.. awkward… but it got better i guess..

the next night we hung out again. anyway, to cut things short, we had a disagreement. He wanted to book a hotel for the night, I didn’t (because why the heck would I pay for a hotel room when I’ve my own? Plus, I sure as hell didn’t wanna have sex with him. He could have STDs or something).

He left me in the alley to walk home by myself and geez. i broke down. i sobbed all the way home, when i left boracay and got onto a plane to manila.. obviously dude didn’t even bother texting to make sure I got home fine.

And he messaged me on fb like one day later.

Hey baby, sorry I didn’t get back to you sooner. I got your text but haven’t had any credit to reply.Hope you got back ok.
I didn’t want to leave it that way either…I think you’re a really special girl and knew that our circumstances would mean a heartbreak was coming. I didn’t want the night to end and wish I could have spent more time with you but had to accept it was inevitable. Hopefully this is not goodbye, it’s, until we meet again…

My reply
It’s nice to know that you “didn’t want to leave it that way”, or you think I’m “a really special girl” cos the last I remembered.. You left me in the alley full of random drunk people at 2am for me to walk home alone.. So if that’s what “special” really means.. Thanks for the head’s up. Better get myself a new dictionary.

dayum. -pats self on back-

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