The pros of being in a long-distance relationship

Are long distance realatonships really that big of a bitch to be in? I’ve seen stories online with titles like “xx reasons to never be in a LDR” or “why you should not be in a ldr…”

HMMM…. Really? I quite enjoy LDRS actually…

Sure, cons are aplenty… But with every con, there is def a pro! Just gotta find it

1) No special half to turn to when you’re sad
But this forces you to grow as a person, allows you to rely on your own emotions and strength, instead of running to your other half crying like there’s no tomorrow. Before you met him / her, you’ve dealt with shit on your own, so why can’t you do the same after?

2) Can’t go on dates every weekend or dinners on weeknights
Yah but you get to save money, and use this when you guys meet. Hello holidays! Or personal investments lol! Movies? PFFT. Just go online, Skype, find a movie to watch, then press start at the same time!

3) Time difference
Hey use this to your advantage! Talk when you’re free, if the other party isn’t, that’s alright! You’ve more time to do your own things! I reckon this is the best part lol. You don’t havta feel guilty spending time with your family and friends. It’ll always be bros before hoes, and sisters before misters.

4) Things don’t really progress like a normal relationship
Who defines normal? What’s everyday for a spider is chaotic for a fly. It takes longer to know each other, but isn’t that better? I reckon the longer it takes the better, because then you won’t feel like everything’s moving too fast. Plus, if you two are committed to each other, then what’s the rush?

5) According to world’s shittiest site aka thought catalog where ‘writers’ use to validate their retarded actions, “it’s not a real relationship”
I can have a relationship with my right hand if I want to, ok? Fuck off.

6) No physical contact
Yea… can’t help with this. See above. (; There’s always Skype!

7) People say it won’t work out
Sorry, how many of your local/non-distance/short distance relationships have worked out? What/who you gonna blame? Both living in the same country, maybe just 5 mins apart from each other.. Then what? Feng shui is it? Or horoscope? Joke…

Major pros:

1) Trust is built
Sure, you won’t know if he/she is cheating on you but that’s when trust comes into play. And trust is important in any relationship, not just romantic, but even with friends. If you need to see someone 24/7 to build trust, then perhaps you should face a wall and reflect.

2) You learn to pick your battles
Obviously when you guys meet you won’t wanna pick fights. Something that may irritate you on a daily basis won’t irritate you when you meet cos there’s no point in say, getting angry about the toilet seat being left up… (idk what’s the issue with this btw) In short, you learn to let things go, and you realise that these things shouldn’t matter at all!

3) Holidays! Holidays!
You guys may spend some time in each other’s countries but other than that you’ll also travel to nearby countries.

Any others? Maybe, but the brain’s slightly dead now..

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  1. Great post 🙂

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