Samujana on Koh Samui

When people mention Koh Samui, this is what I remember.


As a kid, I heard a lot about Koh Samui.

Lovely beaches, paradise, clear waters, W hotel.. dayum. 25 years later, I paid a visit! Went there in end June. Was I disappointed? Slightly.. because when I went our for a walk, it wasn’t paradise.. I guess, only the resorts area paradise lol… Which is more than enough! Can’t have the best of both worlds…

Stayed at Samujana (villa 24) and had the most amazing time. Spend most of my time there, didn’t head out much. Seems like apart from the swanky hotels, the place is pretty much deserted, not much local life or night life unlike bangkok.

Here are some pics. Some is an understatement fyi.

3 levels, 8 bedrooms, gym, salt-water swimming pool, 1 living room, 2 entertainment rooms, 1 outdoor lounge,  1 games room, 1 terrace, movie theatre to fit my entire family… wa pianggg. Got lost one morning looking for the theatre. I humji, went to the 2nd entertainment room, saw a heavy door, opened and saw a narrow lane. thought i’ll see a ghost so i just left.. lol. turns out if i went down the lane, opened the door at the end, i’ll see the theatre. uh oh well. some things don’t change. like how i can’t sleep in the dark when i’m sleeping alone and in an unfamiliar place. I rem in Bohol, I made sure i was in bed before asking Fabrice to turn off the lights, and even then I made sure the dresser light/bathroom light was on wtshit hahaah.

IMG_4280 (1)Food onboard Bangkok Airways. Bok choy, udon, and sweet and sour fish. It’s alright I guess, I’m just not a fan of noodles…

IMG_4281 (1)Le happy single flyer!

Ok back to my main point. The beauty that is villa 24 on samujana. Shit man, life of the rich. There are many villas, some 3 bedroom, 4, 5.. you name it they have it. Each villa has a pool and gym, some have a theatre. Objectively speaking, it’s not expensive to stay at Samujana. Villa 24 is about US3k per night. but it sleeps 16 people. That’s about US190 per person per night. Perfect for family gatherings! If only my entire family could go there but I don’t have $6k to spare… )=

So there are three levels, and the villa is built in such a way that you park on level 1, but the main entrance takes you to level 3. Here’s the break down if I remember correctly.

Level 1: Garage, entertainment room, theatre, 3 bedrooms
Level 2: Gym, 5 bedrooms
Level 3: dining room, 2 kitchens, entertainment room, living room, swimming pool.

We shall start from level 1, simply cos i’m too damn systematic.

IMG_00212nd living room! which i never got to use.. cushions never got warmed by me. haha. Love the paintings in the villa, by local artists!!!


IMG_4252Another painting I rly liked! Not sure where I found this…

And the main point of level 1:IMG_4478


IMG_4486So many cushions! So fluffy! The only bad thing is that it’s all sofas.. so there’s no cup holder for my ice lol BUT IT’S OK THESE THINGS CAN BE SOLVED..

Level 2 (also where my room is at!)

IMG_0019Good for simple workouts I reckon, or you can always take a jog around the island! Not literally around but ykno, if you don’t mind dusty roads and exploring, why not!

And my room~ meant to be two single beds, then they pushed it together. Sleeping in the middle wasn’t that comfortable hahaha. And because the electrical sockets were between the bed, it wasn’t tt fun too…
IMG_4295 (1)Bedroom! Door and cupboards behind the bed, bathroom to the right…

IMG_4254Easy to please when there are rain showers.

IMG_4297 (1)

IMG_4296 (1)Super large space to do cartwheels outta the shower. Also, spot the lovely pug painting in the room!!!

IMG_4298 (1)View from the bathroom.. huge luggage cos I decided to go to Koh Tao for a bit (more on that in the next post)

IMG_4299 (1)Bed buddy. Would have preferred a man in my room but I guess a multicoloured pug ain’t that bad?

All rooms look pretty much the same, different views I guess. But i didn’t go to my balcony at all, because there were so many mozzies and houseflies!! don’t know why, but it was definitely an issue for me. Used a lot of insect repellent during my time there. Blah. That was probably the only ‘bad’ thing. Needs more fumigation I suppose?

okay and now the highlight (btw, lots of houseflies i dno why also) which is Level 3

IMG_0017Terrace.. gloomy sky, but didn’t rain.

IMG_4293 (1)

IMG_0018View from the terrace. Another gorgeous villa, the top floor is one master bedroom. the only issue with that villa is that, from the staircase to the bedroom there’s no shelter.. so you pray it doesn’t rain hahaha.

IMG_4378 (1)

IMG_4374 (1)Living room filled with a bit too many houseflies for my liking :/ Thankfully each room has insect repellent!

IMG_0006Living room and dining room facing the pool.. with the sunbathing area and terrace to the right.

IMG_0007Breakfast spread. Plus museli and yoghurt in a martini glass, and eggs~ I reckon they could make pancakes too!!

IMG_4363 (1)Breakfast is served.. yum yum




IMG_0022Pantry / dry kitchen. with bar seats!


IMG_4286 (1)
Do my pictures do justice? I think so. View is nothing short of amazing, (I would use breathtaking more for views from mountains), it overlooks the sea, and some small islands. Plus, the sun sets where the outdoor terrace is. Perfect I reckon!

IMG_4302 (1)
IMG_4307 (1)
IMG_4311 (1)Buay pai leh!

Ok meals at Samujana are amazing. You’ve a butler 24/7. Breakfast was what you saw. Lunch and dinner, really up to you. You can go out to eat (rent a car!), buy food from the supermarket (central festival! love the supermarket), or order from the villa menu, which you should opt for at least for one meal, bbq especially..

IMG_4330 (1)Butterfly not included. on a side note, am i considered a disney princess?


IMG_4425No such thing as too much food for Charbby!!!

Had a tour around other villas…IMG_4263



IMG_4410 (1)

Went on a Catamaran, first time ever…IMG_4404

IMG_4407After this series of photos, I’ve come to realise: there’s no such thing as a good hair bun for me.. T_T But  I can’t think of other styles where I can keep the hair out of my face, while looking decent.

IMG_4451 (1)Catamaran from afar. I remember us taking a speedboat to the island (another part of Samui) to have lunch haah..

One morning I also took a walk to Cheong Mon beach… No white sand, but warm water, no waves, could wade 30m to the sea.. yay for low tide!

During one of my walks I saw a flower on the floor, used it to make myself prettier MUAHAHAHA. Dont waste! there’s always beauty in death.IMG_4416


That’s all! Am trying to find pics of Koh Tao.. not sure if I misplaced them. T_T

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