I don’t understand why people dive on Koh Tao…

No dive photos here, because the vis was soooo bad! 7m maybe?

I planned my trip for 22-26 June (after the amazing Samujana Koh Samui trip), and lo and behold… I cut my trip short.

At that time, I thought that it’s always a bad idea to plan back-to-back trips..

Anyway, took a boat from Koh Samui to Koh Tao, and sometimes I don’t know how I do it man. Waited for my car, it didn’t turn up, ended up paying THB 300 (SGD12 fml) for a 5-min car ride to my accommodation. Annoyed because the distance was short! Just not walkable when you have a huge ass luggage…

I stayed at Woodlawn villas. Place was infested with mozzies, and instead of fumigating the damn place, they had the cheek to write “these mozzies act as food for our dear lizard pals”. Fuck you understand? what kind of shitty excuse is this? Internet is wonky as FUCK. It’s a damn lie. The owner told me it’s because of some power trip that affected the whole island. -claps-

Dived with Alvaro, they’re alright I guess. Nothing wrong with the instructors, the dive sites just weren’t good. I saw two humpheads I think. Urg. Note to self: don’t ever think you need to ‘rough it out’. Just go home next time.

The walk from my accom to the dive shop took a good 20mins. With my dive equip, I wanted to die srsly. Some angmohs tried to ask if I needed a lift from them but I declined. Hurrr. #StrangerDanger. Also, no street lights at night. Will I go back to Koh Tao? No. Makes phuket look like paradise. -second home-

Also, my daily walk of faith. wtf. the ONLY way to the dive shop… You know how hindus walk on coal to test their faith? this is my version. surrounded by birds fml.


Cloudy. gah.img_4499 img_4500

Low tide on other days..img_4514


Food wise: erm won’t even try. Food on the island is bad. rip off. img_4504I had to fold the pizza box myself ok. Swear it was like they couldn’t be fucked to fold it. Just put the pizza in, and flapped the lid on wtf. WHAT IS WRONG WITH YOU.

img_4517Chicken salad and prawn glass noodles. Salad was.. dry.. they gave mayo for salad sauce. Veggies weren’t fresh…



Burger + salad on another night. Avocado was brown urg. threw it away.

Made friends with a few cats. #life.
img_4519 img_4522

Also, got a bruise.probably a ‘rope burn’ kinda thing from carrying my stuff.img_4536

Blogging this post just made me think: what the hell was I thinking? Staying for 3 nights.. (wanted to stay for 4, but cut my losses and headed home. Thank you Bangkok Airways!) Should have gone home on the first day, but I guess I wanted to prove to myself that I’m not a spoilt brat.

Pfft. what a joke. I AM a brat… No use changing things… Life is too short to put up with shit man. Should keep that in mind for my next holiday. Spend more, live comfortably, don’t cry father mother..

Anyway, Woodlawn villas. Lovely place right? Looks so promising. Too bad you can’t see any of the mozzies.img_4554



Lol trying my equipment the night before I left in a hurry…

img_4538Such a lovely room. I had a mozzie in my room, zzzzz. LIKE COME ON LAH GUYS WHAT SORTA STUPID EXCUSE. MOZZIES FOR LIZARDS. SORRY LAH I DONT CARE ABOUT THE LIZARDS OK THEY WONT BE EXTINCT. A LOT IN SG. DONT WORRY. Killed a lizard in the room also. Baby lizard. Stepped on it. #notsorry

So on 22 June, I was feeling really shitty about this place. Decided that I was just tired/lonely/being negative… Long walk to the dive shop, deserted roads etc..

23rd June, did 2 dives, saw literally 3 types of coral wtf. -claps- Went back and had an early night.

24th June, went on 2 dives. hated it. saw nothing. Took one guy for a refresher course with another DM (and paid for that dive wtf?) I mean I don’t mind helping out lah but come on guys… -_- Didn’t wanna do the last dive. it was pouring and I was shivering. Boat isn’t great when it rains… shelter is nearly non-existent, water came in all directions.

Came back to shore, decided to call Bangkok Airways to change my flights. no point staying on Koh Tao for another day when I really hated it there. May be because I was tired from work, didn’t ride a bike and couldn’t explore. Who knows?

Flight was changed, hooray! Rebooked boat tickets and this really lovely Thai lady at Sunshine shop booked my boat tix for me, arranged my taxi ride, and even gave me a ride back to my accommo, AND refused money from me. Thank you lady. T_T (I mean, coming from the part where I had to fold my own pizza box.. lol I was really grateful).

Had the best dinner ever (wtf), and then had a mad rush to dry my equipment.. I even tried to turn on the hair dryer for a bit.. 

Hair dry, clothes also dry wtf.

img_4551 My fort. That’s how I slept every night. Blanket was just bed sheets erm ok. Luckily I had my hoodie with me…

See right, when I draw the curtains, the room looks superb! Sunlight pouring through.. comfy bed…img_4552 img_4553

BUT YOU KNOW… you can also see 50 mozzies swarming outside. And I really didn’t want to see them lah. It’s damn gross. infestation much?

Anyway, I woke up bright and early. My flight was at 2pm from Koh Samui I think? Took the 9am boat so that I could get to Samui by 11am, and then make my way to the airpot…



I REALLY SOUND LIKE A BRAT. Clean room but wanna kaopei so much. Sounds so entitled. But yknow what, nothing will make me wanna go back to Koh Tao. The backpackers life is really not for me. I can go out to explore but I can’t stand mozzie/flies/lizard infested places. Neither can I stand bullshit (I’m looking at you, owners of Woodlawn!)

Don’t even get me started on diving there… I wasn’t homesick but I felt really clingy (to my phone) when I was there. Counting my blessings in Sg hur. -bed, i love u!- and also my dad for mozzie-proofing our entire house. THANK YOU DAD… we no longer have mozzies in our home! Not since 2009! 😀

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