My trip to Central Vietnam

It’s funny how only foreigners call Saigon HCMC hmm. To locals, it’s known as Saigon. I asked why the difference, and my friend told me, “imagine people calling singapore Lee Kwan Yew City”. Ok makes sense, and from that day onwards I’ve done my best to call it Saigon.

My trip was Singapore – Danang – Saigon – Singapore. I went in July hurrr. I went for about 10 days I think?


img_4641Old school seats… 

img_4644Zomg rave. the cheese pretzels snack was dabomb. super shiock i wanted to ask them if I could have more / where I can buy it from…

img_4647Lunch, masak merah. but i think it was beef. and duck salad…

img_4648Chocolate ice cream for dessert! man, those who always fly business class have it good man.. I’m usually on budget airlines hehe… where i bring my own snacks… oops…

Touched down in Danang, and got sent to Banyan Tree Lang Co! Loved the ride.. I’ve never been to VN before so of course I was excited… you see cows, goats and chickens by the road side, homes. of course me being me i felt a tad guilty for being so fortunate. :/

img_4665View from outside, i’m in 108! Home for the next three nights.

img_4663Pathway from the entrance

img_4654View from my room! or should I say, villa… it’s all villas at Banyan Tree Lang Co anw!

img_4656Xin Chao!!! :D:D

img_4657Pillow menu, I can’t remember which I picked…

img_4658Bedroom! a lil bit too yellow for my liking, was a bit tough to do work. but that’s just my preference, my colleagues in the office are fine with yellow light, while I use a mix of yellow/white. i think it’s called warm white?

img_4660OOOOhhhh bath tub~ garden view. good to relax, but to the left of the room is the entrance to the villa. i doubt people would come in for fun, but hey, never know. of course you can lock the door, but it’s more of… I didn’t. LOL. I just lock the villa door.

img_4661Xin chao and cam on!! I didn’t eat the fruits though. )=

I think I took a short walkin tour around the hotel, and the neighbouring Angsana resort…
img_4686Cloudy day and brown sand, but man, lovely clouds!

img_4695A more family-friendly Angsana. They’ve a 300m pool that snakes through the resort. Swim around 7 times and I’m done w my exercise man… it’ll be tough swimming freestyle non stop though.

I visited Hoi An and Hue over two days. Very much preferred the latter. Hoi An has their little town, quite touristy. Unfortunately is was super crowded with tourists, and it had just rained so the place was wet and humid… But Hoi An is gorgeous at night with the lanterns all lit up! And many locals set up shop by the river, lots of games and stuff. Maybe I’d have liked it more if I visited in the evening. ((=

Here are some pics of Hoi An!










Hue is very much full of culture. Went to the palace, where it was freaking hot/humid and I kept using my dress to fan myself. went to the tomb of the 11th king i think, who was very much an asshole. Also, i wonder, would you die with your king? Hmmm. I can’t decide….





img_4611All handpainted ok. dedication wtf




Also went to the Citadel defense fort, where we got to learn about each of the kings! I really enjoyed this visit! seeing how long the kings lived/reigned for… how each died…

After lunch, we visited the Pagoda, and learnt about a monk who set himself on fire fml. T_Timg_4632


Also, eletowels to welcome me!! Super happy! img_4734


Look.. glorious hot tub from my garden.. I spent a good 15mins sitting in there just chilling out wth loser max. No time to enjoy it.. But I remember using it on my last night! Filled the tub, went to shower, out my laptop on the stool… and did some work haiz!

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