Saigon, and all its goodness in mah belly~

Back with a second vietnam post! (=

I was in Saigon for a couple of days, and I had the weekends! Felt really uneasy when I went there on a Friday, and sulked because I got bitten by mozzies, and there were lots of insect bites! Never a nice feeling. Gah. Was determined to hole myself up on a Saturday to do some work, but on Sunday I decided to go out and explore!

On Friday and Saturday I went to the only place I knew near my accommodation. This jap store. Didn’t feel like eating local food (I’m not a fan of pho, mostly cos the rice noodles absorbs the soup way too quickly for my liking, and this results in me rushing to finish my food, then getting indigestion


img_4830 img_4829


So much jap food in Vietnam. Gah. Thank goodness I decided to head out on Sunday! It really did cheer me up.

I took a taxi to Ban Than market and left after 5 mins. Nothing to see or buy!

Gotta love the propaganda posters! Wanted to pose in front of it but was afraid I’d get deported lol.

This is what Ben Than market looks like.. Can see why I left right? :/

Then I went to a nearby cafe, L’usine (recommended by a local) had lunch (fake aglio olio, clams in butter pasta eew, and a disappointing piece of cake)
I’ve to say, the shop is pretty cool, I spent quite some time fiddling with everything in there. Pressed buttons (woohoo!), shook some galaxy tubes..img_4655

img_4853Said piece of cake. Damn dry. Will give L’usine a miss next time for sure…

Anyway, I made use of the wifi, googled top 10 things to do in saigon city! Put it on google maps…

This is what my map looked like:


Things on my list:
Saigon Square
HCMC museum
City Hall
Saigon Opera House
Notre Dame Cathedral
Post office
Independence Palace
The War Remnant Museum

While ‘working’ on my to-do list for the day, a french lady sat beside me. she makes handbags for a living, kinda cool! and then a french guy sat with us but didn’t say a word I guess he wanted to feel at home HAHAHA…

After putting all my gold stars on the map, off I went! IT WAS SUPER HOT MY HAIR WAS UP IN A BUN. Was wearing sports shoes cos I knew I’d be walking all day.. Looked super ugly aiya wtf nobody will look anyway.

All museums are about USD1! CHIONG TO ALL THE MUSEUMS AHHH!!!! I really went all out ok. -_- looking at the tanks.. airplanes.. erm actually inside the museums, sibei hot one. even i cant take it. no fan, no proper lighting, let’s just say the museums aren’t SAM standard lah, they’re like old primary schools that aren’t used anymore.

img_4660VN looking so french~


I also went to the Opera House! thought I could see how it looked but it wasn’t open for visitors. There was also a performance on that day at 6pm! It’s called the AO show, local acrobats. I decided to buy myself a ticket on a whim! I love performances after all~ Figured I’d have enough time to walk about, come back at 6pm…

img_4669Bonjour notre dame!

img_4675 This is the post office! Super big, YET NO FANS ALSO.. OMG… I spent some time choosing all the postcards, then brought them home and wrote at night, cos really too hot liao. the only one I sent was to my family.. And they got the card last.. even though I sent it the earliest.

Honestly think I could have been thrown into jail.

In my fam’s card, I wrote “Some people here are very smelly” (and I was thinking, that’s why my card didn’t reach singapore, they’re trying to catch me!!)

And in another card, image was of a group of vn women in their national costume and I said “hey you like vnese right, here are five” wtf.

joke of the yr. may i never stop being so silly even when i’m old and wrinkly!

Walked to the Independence Palace.. was quite tired by then! :/



img_4683 img_4686

Proof I was in VN! Taken at the Independence Palace

It was about 4pm or so, and I had to hurry to the war museum (because I’m a pervert like that and like reading about war wtf)

Before going to the war museum, I stopped by a cafe for a drink! Cool concept.. There’s a little loft inside!


img_4862So I ordered a milk pudding, and milk tea with tea jelly, NOT knowing that my milk pudding would come with iced tea! T_T So sad lah! Wasted money! The pudding set would have been just fine…

Anyway, war museum was really good. I actually teared inside, reading about Agent Orange, seeing how the locals were treated. Super heartbreaking T_T Had to rush a lil because I was going to walk back to the opera house!

Weirdly enough, I was looking at my phone to get my bearings via GPS, and this angmoh came up to me and started talking to me?? I think he’s a hawaiian, and he was a video producer or something. No clue. He was going back to his hotel, which was in the opposite direction to where I was heading to, but he decided to walk to the opera house with me. Errr weirdo haha WHERE GOT PEOPLE SO NICE ONE.

I remembered him asking me if I was a foreigner because I was looking at my phone… and he asked if I was alone.. Wa piang ANG MOH WHY YOU STRESS ME OUT WITH SUCH QUESTIONS!!! He did most of the talking and when he crossed the road with me he tried to put his hand on my waist eew. Pls.. can you not be so liberal!

Anyway, when I got to the opera house (I wanted to go early for the tour) I quickly disappeared into the crowd and didn’t even say bye to him. Was afraid he’ll want my number wtf. Crisis adverted HENG AH…


Theatre! old school kind.. Carpets all worn out…



After the tour, we had welcome drinks!img_4696

There are three kinds of tickets, ahh, ooh and wow. the former two are more basic, you get the tour and drinks. wow tickets come with wine haha! I went for the second tier, ooh!



Ok here’s the seating plan! I got front row seats, because I know lots of angmohs will watch the show, and I didn’t wanna be blocked by them cos they’re so tall! so glad I did, because I was surrounded by giants -_- I think my seat was A9! An elderly aussie lady sat next to me and we had a nice time chatting. (=


It was fairly late after dinner, and there weren’t any local shops around the area, so I settled for Italian T_T. It was one of the cheapest restaurants, the rest all had angmoh prices…

Missed my salad so I made sure I ordered one, and had pizza! SUPER WEIRD WEEKEND IN VIETNAM. EATING JAP AND ITALIAN…

img_4882Salad was so huge I regretted ordering the pizza but oh well..

img_4884Think I had 2 slices before calling it a night.. Tapaoed the rest for breakfast…

The next few days I went out with my new-found friends for lunch. all locals. they’re such a lovely bunch~~ taking me out for food, introducing me to their culture… very easy going people! and they all can ride motorbikes wtf. I took a lesson down a residential street and nearly died. -_- bike so heavy!!

Erm, random food photos below! 



img_4971This really cool drink called Spondias? Don’t know what that is..

Ok I also went to Me Vui Quan 2! WAH THE FOOD IS AMAZING.. CAN DIE HAPPY…
Address: img_4986

img_4966Lotus seeds with sugar syrup! Not bad.
img_4961fake otah! WA DAMN SHIOK. i actually ta-paoed this on my last day before my flight ok i went to me vui quan 2 and chi hoa restaurants to tapao food for my family because it was so awesome

The dish above is like chee cheong fun with prawn paste… omg.. love…

img_4960Beef noodle soup..

Also went to a vegetarian restaurant! Cant rem the name oops. the rolls were sooo goood (i took out the smelly green veg haha)

img_4953Flour cakes with cheese powder.. er.. Not bad

on one of the days, they served me a dish by mistake.. pork noodles. Haih. nvm, die also must eat. the soup damn shiok, got wok hei, can taste the open fire grilled pork (is this even a thing?) the soup is room temperature though.. i’d like it better if it were hot haha! The pork was quite tough, damn hard to eat, so i had noodles and veg…

And chi hoa restaurant!


I ordered many rolls that night wtf. beef rolls were da bomb! Honestly I’d go there just to eat from those two shops again ok.

Also, if you’re wondering how I tapao-ed when I don’t speak a word of vietnamese, I went online to look for the menus, remembered what i ordered, wrote them down for my friend, and asked said friend to call and pre order for me! I think my friend told them that I’m a foreigner, cos the min I stepped into the shop they knew it was me and handed me my food LOL.

Also, only in vietnam ok!! CHICKENS CHAINED TO THE LAMP POST.. HAHAHAHA…img_4936
AND THE HOUSE HAS A FEW DOGS TOO.. Idk what’s going on. i didn’t feel tt threatened cos I knew the chains were sturdy.. or so i prayed lah…

Was a lil sad to leave, but glad also, I was holed up in my room quite a bit, working a whole lot.. :/ but im rly glad to have had the chance to experience vietnam!

On my way back, I was put in a window seat.. hooray! and it was just behind the business class passengers, so i had more leg room…

Then a couple came to sit beside me, lady and I started chatting (even though I really had to pee).

She asked me what happened to my hand (torn ligament), and asked where she could get the brace like mine… We ended up talking about God! It’s insane how God works, she was asking me how my siblings started going back to church, she’s worried for her children…

She told me about how her husband and her have a business in vietnam doing O&G, and work took a toll on her (she reminded me to take a chill pill), and that her health deteriorated so badly she had to come back to sg to seek treatment… she was going for an op!

Told me about how her husband stepped up to serve as a cell leader or something in vn, it wasn’t sth he did in sg, and how God rly worked in their lives, gave them many friends during their time in vn, think they had been there for 20 yrs!

And she also asked me if I was a frequent flyer, because the row I’m at is always only reserved for special guests… those who fly regularly with vietnam air, have a membership of sorts and stuff. So thank you God! For giving me someone to talk to during the flight! And for not giving me kidney stones…. lol…

I wonder how the lady is. She is so lovely. we prayed together on the flight. i gave her my email but she hasn’t emailed me. When we parted ways, she told me “even if we never meet again here, you know i’ll see you somewhere else” (heaven) which scared me a bit COS I THINK HER SURGERY WILL BE SUCCESSFUL LAH!

Anyway, last photo of the plane food.. otah and veg!

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