Four Seasons Jakarta

So uhhhh this was in August!

Had a last minute trip to Jakarta, and it’s also the first time I didn’t step out of the hotel. Was doing work non-stop. Also, didn’t help that there were some r/s issues then, which put me into a frenzy, but turns out it was bad internet connection. Uhh.

Anyway, t3! crazily long walkway, there’s a sky train to take you to the end but I walked because.. it’s always good to exercise!img_5761


Can’t even remember what airline I took. Garuda, maybe? Curry chicken and veggies.

Fell asleep on my way to the hotel. Ooops. Hello Four Seasons! My first time staying in a FS property, I usually stay at $20 a night hotels hahahah. #elcheapo

So this is what I see after coming through the door and turning left! Toilet to the left, open wardrobe to the right, then twin sinks, hot tub, and shower!

img_5772Got hot tub which means.. must use… but then I somehow managed to flood the entire bathroom. had to sit in the bathrobe and wait for cleaners to come while I explain that.. I don’t know what I did!

img_5770I also spent a lot of time here. hahaha. IBS!.


It’s a one-bedroom suite. And what I really like is that the interior isn’t brown/yellow. I really dislike hotels with those kinda interior, I prefer shades of grey, cream, white… just makes the place look a whole lot brighter! (ok la lighting is yellow uhh)


Living area that opens up to the bedroom. Not a bad place to be in. There’s an office desk where I spent most of my time too. The only thing is that, there are more than 5 mosques nearby, and the call to prayer is really loud. And it goes on for quite a while. I don’t hear that much in Singapore, but over here, I woke up one night feeling really scared cos I wasn’t sure what the sound was. Through the glass windows it felt like a man was groaning in pain T_T. Only realised what it was in the morning. phew phew. And yes I slept with the lights on cos #humji.

img_5785Super big bed sob sob why nobody to accompany me hurrr. my dream is to have a man follow me wherever I go HAHAHAH.

img_5776Dresser by the entrance..

img_5777Walk in wardrobe… I just had my carry-on luggage..



img_5782View from my room.. Swimming pool! And there’s a garden terrace, for cocktail parties, ROM…

img_5783oh thank you thank you. I love little notes like these! I always keep them. Bring them back to Sg and put into a folder. (= I tried their fruits btw, cos I’ve not seen some before, had to try it. Some were really sour, some.. I didn’t know if I should eat it or not, looked like period blood clot UHH.

Ok enough about the room. The interior of the hotel is amazaballs not even kidding. 
img_5786I’m not much of a colour person, the only reason why I look presentable is because my clothes are very basic haha. whoever knew that burnt orange and dark teal could go together? NOT ME. and marble tables, patterned floors, textured compass roses. what in the world. only a genius could do this lah!

and there’s the patissiere… you see little hints of gold (indos love their gold!) but it’s not too overwhelming. and the mix of blues hoho…
The driveway is quite big. not bad, considering it’s a city hotel.img_5797Gamelan! never got to play it in uni though..


Oh, there was only one place in the hotel for food, so I had all my three meals there..

img_5815I had oatmeal on two days. Pathetic but my stomach can’t eat oily / heavy food in the morning. And ddin’t have much of an appetite. I’ve never had oatmeal this way, i usually just eat oats with water uhh. Maybe I’ll ask my mum to do it like that?

Dinner though, was another thing altogether. It was the only time I’ll leave my room. Hermit T_T.
img_5801I had caesar salad! yummyyy i love salad lah. i like the iceberg lettuce actually, and grilled chicken. and sun dried tomatoes and shaved parmesan.. a soft boiled egg to top it would be awesome ahah.

img_5802A lil black. STEAK. with super yummu mash. and garlic.. omg… all places should serve steak with garlic pls

img_5803I ordered creamed spinach as a side and wah, i think 3-4 mouthfuls did me in…

Highlight of the restaurant though:
img_5819 img_5821

Pretty chandeliers! I really love the high chairs too. curved for that added bit of privacy.. dark forest green..

I wouldn’t mind staying there again, the room is huge.. spacious… but it’s for couples. There are two entrances to the bathroom. One is through the side (where you see the closet) the other is by the bathroom.. So what if u r showering but then your friend comes in from the left (imagine they’re deaf so can’t hear the water lol). humhum. i dno. defeats the purpose if there’s only one door.. but who knows. I can imagine it to be a lovely hotel for couples. Large rain shower… super comfy bed… I think I’m very easy to please ahahah.

Ok bye for now

2 responses to “Four Seasons Jakarta

  1. Same here, I also stay in cheaper hotels when I travel.. The hotel is so posh and I like the couch..

  2. Don’t we all! I can’t really imagine myself splurging, I guess I know the money can be spent somewhere else. I love the couch too! But not as comfy as the hot tub..

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