Nano lego: hulk

Had some spare time on my hands last night and so I decided to get crafty haha.

Ok so this is fake Nano lego. Whatever. I bought it for 100thb in Bangkok in… uh may? Also bought Loki and ironman!

Remember seeing cyclops but no wolverine…

Anyway, first time doing this I wondered if I would screw up, get upset then throw it away lol. 190 pieces! (And a few extra for good measure)

Instruction booklet…

So I was quite worried about how it would look cos it is a knock off plus the picture makes it look like “you get what you pay for” but hey the head looks quite cute! Bad angle maybe…

Done with the body!

Tiny hulk feet

One hour later…!

Here’s hulk doing a victory dance.

I had quite a lot of fun doing it, but the problem is that it collects dust just sitting there… and I dislike collecting things hur so maybe I’ll just throw it away when I’m cleaning my room…

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