and then some…

Lots of random bits here and there! First up, weenie’s wedding. our primary school friend who MIA-ed when he got a gf.. img_0161

img_0165Not sure what happened there but hey I quite like long dresses, although they’re super hot. I think it’s cos it sometimes masks my height hahaha.

img_0258 Here’s my dad making a thank you card for parkway cancer centre. so cute. he cut the pictures out and glued them onto the card, and even practised his penmenship..



img_0266Soldier on, cancer warriors.

Then came the long awaited meet up with my giant. Gyoza and garlic rice for dinner, and 1/2 a cookie for dessert.


Josh: Where’s the present? I expected a present. That’s the only reason why I met you.


And then I stayed over at mandarin oriental for the night! Got my bro to stay over with me because I couldn’t bear the thought of sleeping alone in a hotel room T_T. Sigh.

img_0526Marina bay view room. Not too bad at all! 21st floor too! Highest floor in the hotel, reserved for club members…

img_0528The reason why isaac agreed to stay over: tub. tub. tub.


img_0532Warm welcome from the hotel! Lots of sweets… Didn’t finish it.


img_0535Guys I’m famous liao. hahahaha. It’s actually a small win for me when people get my surname right.

Anyway, went to the gym with cass. quite enjoy our routine! Plus, my aim: to look good naked. so there. -focuses on goal-

img_0537Came back to the hotel room and saw this. Salmon with caviar, foie gras with strawberry compote, and pumpkin. yum yum.

We went to chic a boo for dinner, and came back to see snacks! OM NOM NOM. pop corn, corn chips and potato chips. the staff must have worked really hard on this lah! Cos all the chips are the alpha males in the pack. no random bits that are chipped off or anything. Plus, the condiments… cheese, sour cream, guacamole, salsa!img_0543

A pity I fell asleep real early. Woke up next morning. Corn chips were gone. so were the guac and salsa.

Me: You ate it ah?
Bro: ya, while showering
Me: wtf? So u shower and open the door and eat, close door and shower…
Bro: no lah, i filled the hot tub, then sit in there and eat lor…

Guess some people really know how to enjoy life… I saw the sour cream and cheese, and decided to eat the popcorn with it. Mistake? Or not. I pooped 5x that day man. BUT IT WAS GOOOD. seriously, popcorn with melted cheese, so underrated. and now, popcorn with sour cream too! BUT EVERYTHING TASTES GOOD WITH SOUR CREAM!!!

img_0553Woke up for breakfast.. Yup.. i’m a fan. HAHAH GEDDIT GEDDIT. Cos mandarin oriental’s hotel layout is fan-shaped, and so is its logo..

img_0557Bro keeping it classy with a glass of milk.. lmao.

Was still early, check out is 12pm, which is quite generous of mandarin oriental! Went back to the hotel room to chill.. and bro decided to watch cartoons haha! So that we did!img_0558Set the alarm for 12pm hehe and we fell asleep after the cartoon ended.

Also, Maxwell has this tauhuay store. AFUCKINMAZING. I’ve been going there at least twice a week. Tauhuay costs $1.50. they give you 1/2 a tub. (you can’t see the depth in this pic). Sugar syrup given is just nice. There’s also one with black sugar but it’s too sweet for my liking.img_0561Anyway, what happened was.. I went to buy $2 of tauhuay.

Me: Can i have $2 tauhuay please?
Aunty: You mean the black sugar one?
Me: No, the normal one… just more.. -whispers- I really love your tauhuay

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