getting my (art) jam on

all hail painter char! woohoo!

no, seriously, i’m someone with no artistic talent. my handwriting is shit, i don’t know how to mix colours, blah. i am good at fixing stuff though!

ok anyway! Went to get out paint on at mandarin gallery. at arteastiq. Costs $48 for 3 hours. gets you a 50×50 canvas, unlimited paint, a set of paintbrushes you can keep, apron (you can take this home too).

Fretted for a bit cos I didn’t know what I wanted to paint. I know I wanted something to do with water… something like blancpain’s ad:

But yknow, I can’t paint for nuts… OR MAYBE I CAN? Anyway, decided not to take the risk… and then I wanted to paint this:

SO PRETTYYY. but then the girl said it’ll probably be difficult to paint. which is true cos i’ve never painted before lehhh. hahaha! flipped through the booklets and found this instead!

img_0390It’s by leonid afremov, and this was one of the easiest paintings he did! his paintings are damn awesome lah, dots of bright colours and shit. anyway, i didn’t want to butcher his work… so i picked something i had a higher chance of completing.

img_0385First up: drawing the boat! LMAO took me 1 min to draw it.

img_0386proud of my boat. cos yknow… must celebrate every achievement just before i ruin things..

img_0391Gradient making.. kinda fail. and at first they didn’t have white paint (yah totally blaming the lack of white paint instead of my skills ahhaa)

img_0392Added a lil green.. then realised it didn’t work… like.. nice blue sky that’s threatening to rain.. and wild moss appears. totes unbelievable.

img_0393All covered up!!!


img_0421by this time the girl found white paint and hooray, the master artist is back in action!!

img_0438hello boaty! Didn’t expect myself to colour the boat in this manner. actually i was panicking and then i used my tissues to wipe the paint off but what dyou know, a nice gradient formed. maybe that’s how it came about in the first place. artist spills paint, panics, then cleans it up hastily, but woohoo! boo-ti-foollll…. and to the top left you see what looks like diarrhoea? YEA I RUINED IT. i tried to add the colouful drops of paint and then it was butt ugly so i had to cover it up. T_T

img_0440covered everything and added my name. haih!

img_0444Anyway, long story short, i finished my painting way earlier than expected, and so I decided to give my blotches another go. I’m not sure if it was the right thing to do…


img_0468Oh well. paint finish liao. nothing can be done. I didn’t wanna go paint a fourth layer hahahaha.

And meanwhile… the fellow painters who all have hidden artistic talents….


img_0396Mad skills. from left to right. donald trump (haha i kid it’s actually salmon sushi), cherry blossom tree, and a sky of moss.






img_0404SUSHI TRUMP! Just gotta add two shoyu drops for the eyes! cannot unsee. i kept making fun of j’s painting and i felt slightly bad but at the same time.. i’m childish like that. GOOD ON YOU J FOR NOT PUNCHING ME!

img_0428such perfect circles. srsly how did she do it.

img_0431even kx was thinking it too. but look how her tree has grown~~



img_0452panda was the last to finish her work. haha whoever knew painting moss needed time right. but if you think that’s weird, here’s the picture panda chose to copy…

img_0481dafuq. totes don’t see any resemblance there panda. probably colour blind. which reminds me, sj wasn’t with us, and i wondered what he would have painted..

img_0483Three hours later… here are our works! Not bad I think. haha. They look gorgeous from afar, but far from gorgeous!

As they say in chinese… 远看朱丽叶,近看猪八戒

Wise words indeed… Anyway, went home to hang my painting! Got the bro to help staple some rope onto it hahha.




Welcome home! ((= Painting looks lonely there, may transfer this to above my TV, and the painting of my family to this wall (But first, to secure that piece with.. something sturdy, otherwise it’ll fall on my neck when I’m asleep wtf.

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