Cutting my hair for a cause


Came across a ‘blog’ (I won’t dare to call it a site) where people donate their hair to make wig for cancer patients. I had hair, I wanted to help, so hey, grew my hair out. Easy, right?

Then I saw that by 1 jan they won’t accept any more hair donations. So I quickly dropped them an email (and seriously I should have known based on how they reply).


1) You have my name but choose to reply with just a ‘hi’. So I’ve already marked them as unprofessional. (Not rude, not yet anyway).

2) You’re stopping hair collection from 1 Jan, but from 4 Dec – 1 Jan, there’s no hair collection either. So… have I missed the boat completely? If you stop accepting donations from 1 Jan, surely the last collection date would be 31 Dec (i’m ignoring pub hols/festivities, and focusing on the date itself).

Never mind.. I try to reply nicely because I don’t really get the person’s reply. screen-shot-2016-12-30-at-4-50-53-pm screen-shot-2016-12-30-at-4-51-08-pm

So… okay, no dates but probably next Jan. fine. that’s just a few weeks away, and I should cut my hair before then! But this person doesn’t offer other info! No dates for collection at point A, but neither does he/she offer info on other collection date/points. I mean, I’m assuming people aren’t unreasonable, but if they’re free during X date etc, they’ll definitely make their way to pass their hair to you right?


And then comes a long ass reply…


Right. So many issues with this. Mostly because it is downright inefficient. Why not just do a collection once a month at one station at a specific timing? Eg, if it’s always at X train station, people will make their own plans around it what. Now you’re all.. oh u gotta email then we see how blablabla. And also, I get it. you’re volunteers, but don’t use it as an excuse as to why your replies are shitty, and I can’t get specific answers. All I want to know is where the next collection will be, and I’ll cut my hair by then and give it to you. It’s already 20 Dec, and you won’t be arranging collections from 1 Jan, so when is the last collection of yours?

Anyway, All these aside, I tell them that i’ll cut my hair on 24 Dec. So that they can prepare and mark their dates down and let me give them the hair.

My hair cut is a total failure but it could be because I dislike having short hair. Makes me feel like a man, doesn’t suit me etc. Nvm. For a good cause.

img_0612 img_0620

I drop them and email with info they need on 24 dec itself, aft cutting my hair, and tell them I’ll contribute to the making of the wig (on the blog they state it costs up to $200 to make a wig).

I get a reply the same day (to be fair they are prompt with replies, but i don’t get why they cant’ address me by name??)


ARE YOU KIDDING ME? TAKES UP TO MOTHS? ok seriously this is beyond ridiculous.

I cut my hair before 31 dec so i can make it in time for your collection that ends 1 Jan, but now you tell me it’ll take a few months? Ok, say, March. MY HAIR COULD HAVE BEEN KEPT FOR THREE MONTHS MORE. This means the wig would have longer hair, the patient can have more choices for hair lengths. why the heck did i cut my hair only for you to say it’ll take months? Again, BAD PLANNING.

So I reply them… seriously irritated with their replies that don’t make sense. their process is so flawed. you guys are volunteers, I GET IT. I think i’ve been super patient the entire month.  but don’t use the fact that you’re volunteers as an excuse? If you’re time strapped, find a way to have a single collection at a single train station during a stipulated time period. you’re offering 4-5 stations, but can’t tell anyone when the collection will be. how is that informative at all?


I don’t think I’ve been unreasonable, been asking questions that just require answers (and not even long-assed ones, just need to know date, time etc. i’ll be there.) And of course.. the person who has been replying all this while.. can’t give answers, and decides to use the volunteering thing as a reason as to why their process doesn’t work well.


1) at least they let me know before hand. NO LEH. YOU LET ME KNOW AFTER I CUT MY HAIR. telling me before hand is on 3rd dec when i email you, or better yet, state it on your site. you’ve a site, what are you using it for then?

2) does it matter if i’m a student or adult? I still manage my time. I know what i’m doing next week. and two weeks from now. apparently time management skills is what the group lacks entirely.

3) once again, telling me you’re a volunteer. am i not one too, then? you think i cut my hair just for fun and decide to burden you with the collection?

4) you state the name of the wig maker, there are no numbers, no addresses (actually there are 2 numbers and addresses when i google), so which is it? You do realise there’s a reason why I’m asking you right? And even if i’m blind, would it kill to state the wig maker’s name in your email? Once again, best at siam-ing questions.

I eventually gave up replying, because everything is in their court. They won’t even tell you if your hair can be collected, and if so, when. So my hair is just sitting at home, looking disgusting in a plastic bag, because a group of volunteers can’t get its act together. And yes, it pisses me off. Their replies go in circles, they don’t get any questions answered.

Ok lor, what can I do? DIY. I’ve since called the wig maker and told the man I’ll go down on my own with the hair, and money to make the wig. I’ve also contacted the cancer society asking if there’ll be a patient who can get benefit from the wig. If all else fails, I’ll just throw the hair away. No biggie. Just really hate inefficiency.


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