So apparently I now self-harm in my sleep

Two nights ago, I had this super warped dream.

There was a ntuc/sheng shiong plastic bag (can’t remember which, for the life of me). and it was filled with mealworms / grasshopper-like insects that were flatter, fatter and smaller in size. Instead of tying the bag and throwing it away, genius me decided I should transfer those pieces of shit into another plastic bag, THEN tie it up.

Took a pair of wooden chopsticks and grabbed them by the dozen. The mealworms started wriggling and dropping all over the floor fml. So I had to quickly ‘kiap’ them with my chopsticks.

Then the other grasshopper-like insects started jumping around. jumped out of the second plastic bag, onto the floor… AND ONTO MY FACE.

Started swatting them away, and flicking them off my forehead. was quite disgusted. Then one of it landed on the top left of my forehead, and so I smacked it super hard…

and then I woke up.


Now excuse me while I re-think my life.


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