The worst day of my life

Super throwback to… SEPTEMBER 2016 because I’m a laggard )=.

So remember this?img_7533

I totes had to get my teeth removed. Unfortunately, the retard requires some extensive surgery.. So I settled for removing the runner-up (and its companion above).

Set a date.. went to the dentist on a Tuesday.

img_7534(Yes, removed my tongue stud, gotta make it easier for the dentist) BYEBYE LEFT TEETH!!

img_7535Took a few shots, gums/cheek was kinda numb…

I think it took about 10mins… Thank goodness I didn’t feel any pain… only some tugging, which was a lil weird..  Got to keep the teeth as a souvenir..  uhh. i basically just wanted to see how they’d look like.

img_7536Tadah? Bloody I know, plus there was a little bit of meat stuck to one of the teeth hahaah.

img_7546All cleaned up!

img_7538No pain no gain. in this instance, no pain cos i had painkillers… I went to the office to clear some stuff, and that’s where I started feeling a slight ache.. Handed in my MC and cabbed home!

img_7540Swell wasn’t that bad tbh! I showered,  and the ache got worse. Fml, painkillers were wearing off. Thought I could bear with it so I just tried to sleep… Then I started shivering as if I had a fever and I wanted to cry wtf. I actually started tearing uncontrollably. SUPER ACHEYYY. Decided not to be a hero wtf and popped some pills.. 15mins later, felt all better

img_7541I had a cell group meeting that night.. so I woke up and went.. 


Met at park bench deli and the only think I could drink was tomato soup. WITH A STRAW OK.


It’s kinda weird (ok omega) because I had gauze in my mouth, and then it’ll obviously soak up blood + soup urg urg cannot.

img_7545This was how pathetic I looked. Idk what I did, somehow opened my mouth too widely, then felt a tear and… I started bleeding again wtf. Sat at the table tearing while changing the gauze cos I’m disgusting like that. Nevertheless, I had a good time w them!


Wednesday… Woke up, no need for painkillers hooray! Breakfast: Broccoli soup.. with… a straw. -makes lovey eyes at momsy-img_7562Breakfast: Broccoli soup.. with… a straw. -makes lovey eyes at momsy-

img_7565Lunch: porridge with seasoning… through a straw.. throughout the day I also had barley through a straw ahahah

img_7569Still rather swollen, but that’s ok!

img_7574Solution: Get a cold pack, wrap it in a towel, and tie it to your head with raffia string.

img_7579All better now!

See, so two days passed, and I was all set~~ Not so much of enjoying my MC because I was always hungry / peeing because I drank so much.

Thursday, that’s when shit hit the fan. Woke up, and was like. fuckkk period’s here. as if i’m not bleeding enough already…

Went to shower, and oh my god it was the worst fuckin “that escalated quickly” in my life. I usually have a window period of an hour before I need painkillers, but by the time I was done with my shower and brushing my teeth, I was retching over the sink and feeling giddy.

Wore my tampon + pad + underwear (yes trust me you need to know this). Lay down on the floor (oh thank you seemingly-cool tiles). Didn’t feel better. Went to lie on my bed, was messaging cass, and I told her to call my home and get me some help cos something was wrong.

I have seriously not felt this way before man. I started shaking, and then before I knew it my hands started their own act. They both started clamping up (see pic below from google!)

I don’t know how I managed to open my room door (towel wrapped around me) and then I really couldn’t take it. my legs were buckling. So there I lay, on the floor… And thank heaven’s at that time I think my grandpa came out of his room, my house phone rang, my helper came upstairs… and there I was just shaking like I had fits or something.

Helper called an ambulance and then grabbed my meds for me. I don’t know how she managed to find them, go her! She propped me up (dead weight) and then fed me the medicine. And she got me a top to wear. by top I mean a white drifit shirt fml. AND NO SHORTS BECAUSE SHE THOUGHT MY UNWEAR WAS SHORTS.. In her defense I was wearing boxers (sadly, boxer briefs, for men. from h&m. the beckham collection. i got it as a bday present. uhh). Paramedics came, I was still shaking, and then I got sent to the hosp (NUH) wearing nothing but my underwear + t shirt!

I guess I fell asleep / died from the pain and cold. I had no phone / wallet with me so honestly I could have been thrown into a long kang and nobody would have known! Also, no spectacles.. But I think my grandpa / helper went to the hosp. Idk, nobody came to see me. I guess they aren’t allowed into an observation ward. I drifted in and out of sleep. Was super dehydrated and they put me on drip. Finally, I felt well enough to go home… And I was like..

“Oh shit. I’m near-naked (no bra). I’m in my underwear. I have NO proper footwear (they gave me bedroom slippers lol). I’m gna have to borrow a phone and get someone to pick me up! Do you realise how bad it looks?? DRI FIT WHITE SHIRT (so semi see through right), underwear, semi-blind, bedroom slippers, no phone. no wallet, really nothing sia.

Left the ward, and I heard someone call ‘char’! Woohoo, in my semi-blind state I saw a lady in yellow waiting for me! MY MOTHER. SHE CAME TO MY RESCUE!!! I borrowed her cardigan (the yellow thing she was wearing), despite the fact that yellow is so not my colour haha. Paid up, and she called my dad to pick us up (bless his soul, since he’s sick). Mind you at this time I feel super normal, like the morning episode never happened ok.

Waited for my dad outside the hospital at the waiting area.. and I don’t know how long my dad took but I started feeling a bit giddy / nauseous. Told my mum I felt awful, she gave me a sweet (I do get low blood sugar now and then).. But i didn’t feel any better.. instead.. I turned pale, lost all my strength and slumped on my mum fml. WAY TO GO RIGHT. She pried my mouth open and popped the sweet out, and then I started shaking again.. I don’t know how she did it, but she managed to call for help, and they got a wheelchair…

AND WHEELED ME BACK INTO THE HOSPITAL. by this time i had no idea what was going on but I guess they transferred me back to the bed, and I was shaking and crying so hard. my hands and legs… epic. i cried for my painkillers and nobody tended to me! T_T Wah but this one I’m really pissed off ok.

THE NURSE TOLD ME TO STOP SHAKING AND CRYING OMG. I think she thought I was faking or something but seriously WHY ON GUANYINGMA’S GRAVE WOULD I DO THAT. I kept asking her for my meds, just panadol, my mum most probably had it but then she was all WHY ARE YOU CRYING omg. at that time i rly wanna punch her, somemore my fits already sorta balled up right? I couldn’t control my tears leh, can’t control hands and legs also.

Anyway. I think i fell asleep, exhausted from all the crying. Woke up god knows at what time, and then realised they wheeled me back to the exact same spot as morning…

Once again, I felt perfectly normal, as if those two episodes were just nightmares, unable to harm me. I got a bed at about 1030pm that night. The hosp called my family and my sis and mum came over!! woo hoo.. And then I had to text razi +wan and explain why I didn’t turn up for dinner… Hah. Raz and wan finished their dinner and came over to find me. -hugs my friends-

Anyway, I was CRAZILY hungry ok. been more than 24hrs since I had food. not counting my drip in the morning…

Here’s a miserable me. they brought me clothes/jacket.. cos hospitals are super cold! ://

Anyway, back to my hungry point. I pressed the button..

me: hello can i have some food please
nurse: we dont have anymore food it’s nearly midnight..
me: Uhh not anywhere in the kitchen?
nurse: nope sorry


By this time my mum + sis went home, it was just wan and raz with me..
And the only thing open at that time? Mackers.  BO BIAN. Raz tried to call and order mcdelivery but waiting time was 1.5hrs. So…he took a bus home from NUH, got his car, drove to mcdonalds.. and came back with food.

-cries. seriously touched-

img_7599I got a nuggets meal + milo for energy. Woah, I can usually finish this in what, 10 mins, but because of my wisdom teeth removal, I couldn’t really open my mouth. I started eating at about 1am and finished at… 2am wtf. And i consider myself an expert in eating nuggets. 1 piece = 1 mouthful. But with my current state it was 1 piece = 10 mouthfuls. I took so long to finish that I only had 4 nuggets omg. waste food. so annoyed w myself!

Then my friends left sob sob and I was left to sleep for the night. I think I slept at about 2.30am after brushing my teeth and all… I was woken up throughout the night for blood pressure and all.

In the morning, the nurse came with food! And commented that I slept super late last night.. I had the ‘erm woman because u had no food for me and I had to wait for my friend to buy mcdonalds you know ‘ face. Really don’t know what to say… I guess ok nvm the nurse probably didn’t know I had no food… They probably think i’m a retard, get admitted to hosp, discharged, admitted again, gotta stay in, then order mackers… jialat max it does sound quite bad actually hahaha.
img_7600I had beehoon for breakfast! and apple juice and some fruit.. And my leftover milo peng hehe.

Slept after breakfast, and woke up for lunch..img_7603

Sweet and sour fish with porridge!


I had to keep explaining to the docs / student docs re what happened to me. And I don’t know lah! But I didn’t get any explanation other than ‘it happens sometimes’ OK I ALSO KNOW. EVEN LORD VISHNU CAN TELL YOU THAT LEH..  BUT HAPPENED 2X IN A DAY HULLO WHY U OFFER AS MUCH HELP AS WHEN I HUG BUDDHA’S LEG??

Anyway! they said i could be discharged!  which was.. uhh unsettling. Plus when I told them I was worried it’ll happen after I get discharged they told me they can’t predict! which is true lah! But why you discharge me! And if you can’t pinpoint the problem…

And they contacted my mum.. hoorah… thank you for saving me again~~ and also my dad who waited in the car (this time it wasn’t a wasted trip). So I said bye to my room.. 


No fond farewell. byebye hospital!

Man I really have so much respect for nurses! Their work, attitude, everything. It’s insane. the amount of patience they have (except the siao nurse who told me to stop shaking wtf).. the love they have for patients!! It’s a job that’s so freaking tiring, plus if patients throw a fuss, get angry etc, they gotta suck it up (and can’t even spit into their food hahha i kid) and still do their work. it’s such a thankless job… So I really appreciate them! It’s not easy having to put up with shit from patients while making sure they don’t die in the middle of the night.

After I got discharged, I had an appointment with a gynae, and now I’m on contraceptive pills. for 9 months. one pill a day for 3 weeks, and then period comes, then start the 2nd batch of pills on day 5 of my period.. wash rinse repeat for 9months. So far so good, I’ve been having lesser cramps, hopefully it’ll reset my entire period cycle shit. i’ve been having cramps since i got my period when i was 11, so can you imagine. every month since i’m 11 i’ve been eating painkillers, and the strength has only increased…

Anyway, i bumped into one of the nurses that looked after me! She looked so tired (but still pretty haha). and i went up to her and said hi. she said she rem me and even told me my bed number. Which could have been a sham because i don’t even knw which bed i was in.. LOL. She was getting a cup of coffee, guess she ended her night shift and was going home. so thank you nursesss. seriously. can’t thank people in the healthcare industry enough.


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