The best of abu dhabi

Sooooo, continuing from my previous post… I was in Abu Dhabi for a few days, and I did get to do some sight seeing!

I actually wrote about it here

Okie first up: my flight!
Bedroom slippers. YES please. Ahhhhh.

Dinner: steak fries

Anyway, I didn’t really get any sleep on the plane. which reallllly sucked. because i was flying at night, and was dead tired! worked the entire morning, finalised my packing, then went to the airport.. So I was rly hoping for a good rest but nope.

I got picked up and driven to the most luxe hotel in Abu Dhabi: Emirates palace. google it, it’ll blow you away. 1.3km long from end to end, has 3 camels (free rides!), suites are large enough for a family of 20…

Part of the hotel lobby.. Like. 1/100 of the hotel.

One of the many walkways to my room…

Here’s my room. Actually it’s a suite. Can’t insult it. The min I go through the doors, I pass a walkway (that has a separate bathroom) and I see this..
Dining room!

Just to give you an idea of the walkway:

To the right of the dining room, you have the living area / work desk (where I actually camped to get shit done)
Anddddddd further in… your bedroom! that also comes with a separate lounge

(behind the curtains on the left: doors to your super-large balcony. I got the side suite so I had an L-shaped balcony!) You have a dresser too… 

You’re probably like, where’s the bathroom? well… they’re to the left of the bed… BEHIND EVEN MORE DOORS…

To get to the bathroom you first pass two walk-in wardrobes… I used both btw. Left was for my clean clothes, right was to air dirty clothes…

THEN. you get to the humongous bathroom (larger than my room at home wtf).
Two toilet bowls to the left of the sunken tub, a shower and twin sinks to the right.

I didn’t use the turkish bath despite my hot tub obsession because I simply didn’t have time! Was working non stop + i didn’t want to wait for the water to fill etc etc.

The hotel gives you a heap of roses every day so.. i just had to take photos. i dont like flowers, I mean they’re nice to look at but man.. it goes to waste. and i don’t rly like the idea of killing the flowrs for no reason, it’s not like i could dry them and keep them!

Sent my then-boyfriend this pic saying “thank you for the flowers” and he replied “you messaged the wrong boyfriend i have no money to buy you flowers” lmao.
This is the view from my balcony.. (that is the west wing btw, I’m in the east wing…)

Obviously, world class hotel gotta have world class spa.. so i paid a visit… fuck man it was the most amazing session I’ve ever had. -cries- I dislike massages a whole lot (one hotel actually gave me a crazy ache, i couldn’t move, felt like SHIT after the massage) but DAMNIT I’D GET A MASSAGE FROM THIS PLACE EVERY.SINGLE.DAY. YES WOMAN YOU MAY TOUCH ME (appropriately).

I think what nailed it for me was this really thick comforter they placed on me, and kept me toasty warm.. of course there was diamond / gold flakes in my facial.. what even… I didn’t get the soak cos I was in a rush.. hur.

But I did get a lovely foot bath.. Was afraid of kicking my masseuse’s face T_T but that woman was a pro. I don’t remember being that ticklish… I’d marry her if I could. that’s really how good it was.

Also, I wanted a ride on the camels… so off I went!

Random interruption: one of my outfits for dinner. covered max wtshit lol.

breakfast at the hotel was amazing. dips and more dips. seven types of hummus (but they don’t call it that). and camel milk. and date milk. love date milk. camel.. well, it tastes like how camel smells. lactose free  (or so the waiters told me) so i drank some.

camel on the left, date on the right

Anyhoo, enough about the amazing hotel. I was kinda scared to sleep in it at night so I left some lights on.  The hotel is.. huge. It takes me about 10 minutes to get from the lobby to my room.. And staying alone in such a big room? eek. I can actually imagine re-doing it to be a home hehe. but that’s just how huge it is… money is certainly not an issue here.

Did quite a lot of exploring… Thank goodness for chauffers because I’d have died taking public transport. gotta cover up + 46deg weather + humidity… Totes not my friend man.. Also, your camera WILL fog up.. T_T that was horrible man.

Some of the pics I took from the car!

Building that was designed to look like a date tree.

#FastSeven. have breathed the same air as vin diesel. can die happily now.

My fav building! because it looks utterly 2D.

Apart from sky scrapers, there’s not much to see.. houses all look the same sandy grey.. mostly due to sand storms lol. Roads are crazily empty…

This building looks like the beoplay a1 wtf hahahaha. love it.

Highlight of my sight-seeing.. visiting the sheikh zayed mosque. This was my only must-visit, and i’m damn glad i went! sadly i didn’t visit it at night (as i wanted…)

It was the day I also nearly got a damn heatstroke ok. I wore a long sleeveless tank dress, and to cover my arms, a long sleeved shirt… But no.. my dress had a slit.. and so I had to wear the abaya.. Not that I minded, but walau if i was gonna wear the abaya, then i’d just wear a tank top + shorts you know??? or just even a bikini… I’m not used to layering clothes so this was really horrible I was perspiring like crazy and thought i’d die. + it was difficult to breathe.. i guess you can say the place of worship took my breath away wtf.

Macik Tai!

If you notice the yellow-white domes, it’s due to the sand storm.. cleaners clean it every day but ya.. no point la hor. I guess this is what it means by taking pride in your job. doing it with the same amount of dedication day after day..

Reflections pool.

Spot the man at the top using a long ass rope and mop to clean the domes! CRAZY AMOUNT OF WORK… 

I love this mosque man. tranquil, serene, can sit and lean on a pillar reading the quran all day yknow? the design is just. out of this world lah. gold and marble everywhere. every pillar also got unique design walau how to win sia liddis.

I quickly explored the outdoor spaces, including the grand prayer square… and scurried into the indoor prayer halls.. got air con -thank allah/God (same person la)-

There are seven grand chandeliers in  the halls, specially designed for the mosque.. I don’t really like the designs, but here’s a pic I took!

Looks not too bad from below hor!

Beneath the smile i was dying wtf.

Went to a date shop.

Man asked if I wanted a date, I said ok. He said 50AED. I said woohoo ok. Then he threw me a packet of individually-wrapped chocolate coated almond dates (the equivalent of a turducken. lmao). I walked away disappointed I thought he wanted to go out with me on a date.. oh well… chances of marrying a middle easterner gone liao.. gone with the wind… during a sand storm…

Remember Fast seven? HAD TO VISIT JUMEIRAH TOWERS. High tea was so-so, view was awesome. Mostly because I got to see the city from above! disclaimer: pics look blurry, cos of all the sand on the windows wtf.

Emirates palace from above. see the two longgg driveways? for VVVVIPs.  This whole green plot belongs to the hotel. what even..

And anotehr amazing hotel just beside (i use this term damn loosely) emirates palace

The high tea set. I’d love high tea a lot more if they had 10 savoury things and 1-2 sweet things… lol. don’t have a sweet tooth, but hey i enjoyed myself!

My hair game was strong that day man. despite the humidty and tying of hair..

I actually wore shades indoors at Jumeirah, because on the ground floor it’s floor to ceiling glass lah. super bright i was tearing and all. felt like a douchebag ahhaha

I also had this BRILLIANT idea of booking uber chopper  (it’s avail in dubai!), and was willing to shell out a few hundred just for the experience.. downloaded uber, and they’re like ‘sorry, uber chopper isn’t available in your region’. aiya sad. cannot live the life of a sheikh…

paid yas marina a visit cos, f1!

Yknow how all good things must come to an end… bobian i had to go back to my country.

But first up.. a pit stop at the etihad’s first class lounge..

Food glorious food!

I worked right until take-off, then washed my face / brushed my teeth / changed into a fresh set of jammies.. 

I declined both dinner and breakfast. just wanted to ko! I was always working to wee hours in the morning, then had a full day of activities (waking up at 7ish, and getting back to the hotel at 10pm)..

Have you ever sat so far in front of the plane you got to see the aerobridge move towards you?? NEITHER HAVE I. Naturally, like a retard… I started waving to the man wtf. he didn’t wave back aiya sian. )=

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