A Wedding, and then CNY… in 2017

Slowly catching up guys, wish me luck. So this marks an important post because my cousin Lem got married. And it’s also the last we had a pic with dad when he was ‘healthy’.

The wedding was held at Mandarin Oriental, there was gonna be the tea ceremony, solemnisation followed by a buffet dinner at Dolce Vita. Dad was tired so he only attended the dinner.

Those damn heels still hurt. Can’t seem to break them in sigh. Also, I had only just cut my hair then! My hair’s fairly long now, touching le boob. haha.

Bride and groom during the tea ceremony. Went by quite quickly, I realised cousins don’t have to serve tea! Just immediate members and aunts. And yes, they served tea to the groom’s parents too.

A’s family. That little blackhole between A and his SIL is a child. more specifically, a child who cried a lot.

Not important, I just wanted to draw attention to my back. HAH. Tbh I can def do with a bit more muscles for some shape…

Oh, for the one person who cares about my dress (that’s you, groom’s mother), it ain’t a dress. I tied two scarves together to form a toga. Because… I had no clothes wtf yea that’s the truth. + i recently acquired a gorgeous panther scarf in addition to the blue one… The sick bit, they’re both silk, can only dry clean. SIAN LAH. I had to ensure I didn’t perspire or drop food..


Then came CNY. Yknow, dad was just supposed to go to the hospital on the second day of cny for a routine check + regular hospital visit (insurance claims forms etc). Whoever knew that did him in. Gah.

Anw, we visited without dad. I was really sad but didn’t say it of course. Nobody wants to be the one to point out that it may be his last CNY, right? But anyhoo, here’s the fam.

I uh, recycled my clothes. skirt’s from eons ago. Top is the back part of my toga dress, aka the panther scarf. Tied it to a twilly and ta-dah. Shit you do when you can’t be bothered to shop!

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