Visiting the maldives with momsy (finally!)

So, my first trip to the maldives hmm. This was Sept 17! And the first time I couldnt bring momsy on work trips with me (which was also the trip where she decided ‘whenever you’ve a work trip and you’re alone let me know i will go with you) hur.

We flew via scoot and sadly landed fairly late at night (SQ has better flight timings but it’s butt expensive. May think of flying via Air Asia next time.)

After our flight we hopped on a yacht and damn, motion sickness hit. I usually get motion sickness after plane rides (usually when the plane descends it hits turbulance so I try to ko before that) + the motion of the boat rocking…

momsy was SUPER stoked, first time on a yacht! she couldn’t stop smiling and was going on about how amazing it was. wah, momsy in heaven.

+ food for us in case we got hungry!

but man, being greeted by paradise at midnight made it worthwhile… Visited Anantara Naladhu and we had our ocean-facing private villa waiting for us!

+ they made sandwiches for us, afraid we’d be hungry heh. that was a lovely touch. so the villa has a huge bedroom, bathroom, sala, hot tub, and pool! and both indoor and outdoor showers

View from our bathroom. sunken tub + pool! It was low tide so I ran out to search for critters and yay.! spotted a baby shark. but too dark for a pic.

outside the room there was a swinging daybed, it was where i did my work the next day uh

After our shower, momsy coudn’t bear to destroy the welcome deco! haha

I remembered sleeping at about 2am or so, and we woke up quite early (maybe 7am?) because the sun rises really early there! No biggie, I can nap under the sun.

Itinerary for the day was quite packed! Breakfast, spa, lunch, snorkelling, dinner. Before breakfast, we decided to hang out by the patio. low tide = fish spotting!

A eel! we also saw a trumpet fish, some baby sharks (the larger rocks further from the villa helps create a rock pool) and stingrays! was super excited to share my uhhhh knowledge w my mum. ahahha.

can’t access the sea from the villa cos it’s too rocky. but no bother! sitting there dangling our legs and spotting hundreds of crabs was cool enough.

enjoying our morning before brekkie… ahh. love just sitting by the edge and stoning…

okay more villa pics here hehe.

we finally managed to tear ourselves away and went for brekkie!

at a beach, must dress accordingly and photosynthesise whenever possible.

spotted a hermit (actually, there are hundreds of them on the island) on our way to breakfast. what i love on being on an island with nothing to you. you’re forced to interact with your surroundings, and you’ll get to notice a million things you wouldn’t on a daily basis, like mr crabby!

breakfast with a view. i could get used to this.

so can momsy, obviously.
one of my nicer pics, i kinda regret not knowing how to smile or pose ahhahaha.

hammock time! well, just for a pic..

After breakfast… spa time! momsy’s first spa and she really enjoyed it.  

Also, hot (or warm) bubble bath with flowers heh.. and I told momsy she needed to learn how to swim if we were going snorkelling (pro tip: do not let weak/non swimmers go to the maldivian sea.. it’s horrifyingly choppy with bad visibility)

Momsy did really well, i gave her my mask and snorkel and basically pulled her around the pool. she was fairly afraid to put her head underwater but i remember before we left the pool she could blow bubbles and breathe through a snorkel. yay! 😀

My yoga post wtf i can’t lift my legs any higher fml.

after lunch we had some time to spare before snorkelling so… time for work. T_T

Taking the boat out!

Waters were so choppy momsy was sooo scared + honestly I was worried for her too. so she went back to the boat but got sea sick. poor thing. )=

we went for turtle snorkelling. saw one turtle. felt bad because momsy was so panicky. :/ she was so sea sick that she didn’t want to get on a boat anymore! and also meant I went on the sunset cruise on my own wtf.

but momsy did join us for dinner! yay!

came back to this! omg the amount of flowers cut T_T

breakfast the next morn, with lappy as the third wheeler. zz

we had some time before we went back to the airport (to catch a seaplane to the next resort, anantara kihavah), so i requested we checked out a neighbouring island! momsy was sooo hesitant cos of what happened the day before but thankfully she agreed

hundreds of such crabs in the maldives!

everyone’s fave! swings in the sea! the water level isn’t as low as you’d expect, my shorts got wet sigh sigh! to get there you gotta wade, walk across a sand bacnk and wade a lil more.

not that there was current but yknow, waves, open sea. momsy was really hesitant to wallk!!!
:D:D happy momsy

see the baby shark??? scared the fuck outta me because.. I was wading and..
me: WHAT WHAT?? -theshing in the water like an idiot-
momsy: shark!!!
me:  FUCKKKKKKKKK!!!! -runs towards the sand bank-
momsy: baby shark!
me: …… wtf

Was on the island for about 30mins, then we went back to the naladhu.. and took a boat back to male! was really sad to leave. wanted to spend more time just… exploring but yknow, work beckons..

to beat seasickness momsy sat outside! i went in to write a story hur. and then as we were docking i went to pee and.. motion sickness hit again wtf. why so lousy one..

We experienced our first seaplane ride in male hoho! was quite excited, but we knocked out after a bit because we woke up real early heh. hello anantara kihavah!!!

Our villa at kihavah! it’s the typical over water villa you’d see in brochures. loveee. def the villa you want when you’re in the maldives for the first time.

momsy was too afraid to sit on the hammock for fear she’ll drop and drown so she just… sat here for a photo. even putting her legs on the hammock freaked her.

view from the patio. ahhhh. blue… but you know what’s more impt? work. that’s right.

don’t ask me but momsy somehow sneaks around to take pics of me working. proof i guess, if my bosses think im slacking wtf.


What do you do when the sea’s just at your doorstep? snorkel of course!

next day’s itinerary: breakfast, spa, lunch, snorkel, dinner. yep, basically the same thing! tiring but fun day. momsy skipped snorkelling and stayed behind to read her book. she really enjoyed herself i guess. every morn she’d find a place to sit and read!

it was here momsy found her love for sparkling apple juice. there’s a bottle of champagne but cos neither of us drink, we’re given juice. but damnit it tasted so good hahahahaha. we’re such suckers for juice. momsy even brought the cork back home as a moment.

oh here’s a hilarious pic.. was at breakfast, when the man below took something out of his bag…dafuq he brought his own chilli. sent a pic to my friend and she was like HE BROUGHT LAO GAN MA CHILLI IT’S DAMN FAMOUS.

why didn’t i thnk of that?!?!!? genius man..

after breakfast in the morn we decided to walk around the island… and i spotted this lone flamingo float drifting at sea LOL some family on the island didn’t take care of their lil birdie..

honestly if i worked in the maldives i think i’ll start an IG account ahahhaha.

My camera died during my snorkelling trip but i saw manta rays and they danced for us. aw man. i just wished i went diving instead. yeah i’m one of the losers who went to maldives, but didn’t get to dive… T_T  oh well there’s always next time.

after my trip, we decided to cycle around the island!

just to clarify i can’t do pull ups i gotta jump wtf.

sigh, the maldives is soooo damn gorgeous. i’d love to go on another holiday w momsy again. this time, get some diving done. anantara was crazily generous to momsy and I, i’m indebted! i think the most amazing night was when we had an evening with the sky guru, he’s an astronomer. learnt so much from him. white, blue and red stars, how to find our astrological signs, what the position of the stars mean.. crazily talented guy i don’t know how he isn’t working in a lab or something. but super thankful for him cos i felt more knowledgeable after that!


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