Hello there!

I answer the names Char, Charbby and Tai.

I’m Singaporean, and have lived in various cities over the years. I’d like to continue doing that if possible.

I’m the middle child, and I’m not sure if it’s the ‘middle child’ syndrome, but I can be really in-your-face at times. I will go out of my way to annoy people, I do lots of things for the kick, I don’t back down, and I’m always going #challengeaccepted. I can be judgmental, defiant, agressive… I roll my eyes a lot.

I’m known to be a fussy eater. I  don’t eat pork, duck, weird-smelling veggies like parsley and celery, and I’m not fond of sweet stuff. Ironically, I strive to be a foodie. (see point above)

I love star gazing and car rides. I can’t put a finger to why I’m at ease, why it’s such a joy to be surrounded by nothing, and everything at the same time. I feel so small in the world, and I’m still loved and remembered by God. It’s also the same reason why I love scuba diving. I love it so much that I decided to quit my full-time job, and pursue a career as a PADI dive instructor.. but diving can’t earn you money (not as an instructor anyway), so back to a full-time day job it is.

I wouldn’t say I’m sporty, but I do enjoy sports! Pretty much up for anything, especially if it involves the sun.

I love to laugh, and pray the day where I stop laughing at myself will never come. I’m known to be anal as hell when it comes to things being neat, things being arranged in a certain way…

My fear landscape includes lizards, cockroaches, frogs, fishes, clowns, birds and crowds. I dislike horror movies, taking the lift or staircase by myself, and being in the dark (physically and metaphorically). I also have an unhealthy fear of being left alone with a guy.

That’s it for now!
22 Mar 2015

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